A COVID-19 Message

These three things will protect our public health, protect our economy and protect our humanity!

Thanks for your support during the past week. Times are immeasurably tough for us all and I hope that you are all ok! 

I feel very fortunate that - for now - Eco Mama & Babe is able to operate as usual. While Royal Mail is open for business, we are open for business. We will continue to pack & post your lovely orders, and we will continue to accept your pre-loved clothing via our We Buy Back program. We remain completely flexible for returns & exchanges.

It’s business as usual in the business of creating a circular kid’s clothing economy!

It is however a challenge to not get overwhelmed by a sense of impending doom. It’s difficult to narrow down what we should be doing during these tough times, without getting the feeling that whatever we are doing, is actually not enough.

To keep it simple, there are three easy things everyone can be doing to get us through these unprecedented times. These three things will protect our public health, protect our economy and protect our humanity!


Be Responsible

Right now, our own actions have a significant impact on outcomes.  

Wash your hands.
Stay at Home.
Don’t stockpile food & other essential items.

It’s as simple as that! Never has it been so easy for an individual to save lives!


Shop Small & Local

For small businesses, health is not our only worry right now. The economic impact of coronavirus is already devastating. Whilst measures announced by the Government on Friday were immense and unprecedented… it is not unrealistic that many small businesses won’t survive the pandemic.

Small businesses (those with less than 49 employees) account for 60% of employment in the UK private sector. They are the lifeblood of UK high streets and hold real passion for local communities.

Needless to say, it is now more important than ever to rally behind these businesses.

Shop small businesses online - birthdays, wedding gifts, anniversaries, mama-to-be gifts, new baby gifts. Keep celebrating & spreading the love during these tough times. As the saying goes everytime you purchase from a small business, a real person does a happy dance… and that happy dance is wildly crazy & embarrassing right now!

Shop locally, and creatively - is it time to try out the local milkman’s delivery service? What about the community gardens’ veg box? Will your local butcher pre-pack for pick up or even drop off? Are any of your local restaurants offering food delivery or take-away? I know I am sure to get board of my own cooking soon enough! Spring has sprung, and we are all stuck at home… what a great time to plant out the front garden (or even better start a veggie garden!). What about buying a voucher from your hairdresser for your next visit? I regret having pushed out my last haircut!

And just as important… support can be FREE! 
Liking a post… Free
Sharing a post… Free
Tagging a friend… Free
Posting a picture… Free
Adding a nice comment… Free

For small businesses, receiving support on social media lets us know that you are behind us, and gives us the energy to persevere. It gives us hope that everything might be ok in the end.


Be Kind & Show Love

I feel strange. I feel anxious. To be honest, I’m a little bit scared. And I know i’m not the only one. Times are tough… which makes it the perfect time to be kind and show love.

If you and your family are not vulnerable, offer a helping hand to those that might be. This flyer is a great way to reach out. Our street whatsapp group has tripled in size over the past fortnight. It’s good to know you are not alone!

And of course show extra love to your Little Ones! Order & routine may be out the window but hold close what you have!


What’s coming up at Eco Mama & Babe?

As an e-commerce business we consider ourselves lucky to be able to keep our operations going. 

We are taking every measure to operate for as long as possible, including continuing to take all the responsible steps the Government recommends to us.

Pre-Loved Drops continue 2 x a month! 
Our next Pre-Loved Drop will still be this Friday 27th March (for our Email List) and it will be unlocked to all on Saturday 28th March. Join our Email List (at the footer of this page) to get first dibs on the drop!

Spring / Summer launch this April! 
We are also getting ready to launch beautiful & ethical Spring / Summer clothing from both Pigeon Organics and Little Green Radicals. Email Listers will get an exclusive offer on these new warmer styles!

Free Postage on orders over £20 (during social-distancing!)
We’d love for you to see for yourself just how beautiful & eco-friendly our New & Pre-Loved ranges are. Try us out during social-distancing, and we will pay the postage on your purchases over £20!

We Buy Back Everything (& we pay postage!) 
Our Buy Back scheme is easy! We also accept clothes purchased from other stores or websites. This makes it a great time for a closet clear out! Learn More!

      We Buy Back pre-loved clothes purchased from Eco Mama & Babe and other stores or websites.

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