Thinking of buying second-hand clothes for your Child?

Thinking of buying second-hand clothes for your Child?


Not so long ago, the prospect of buying second-hand clothing for your child wasn't exactly appealing. Mention the words 'pre-loved clothing' and most people would have envisaged mothball-scented cardigans and faded t-shirts, not exactly everyone's cup of tea!

As pre-loved clothing has become increasingly accessible online (thanks to the likes of eBay and Facebook swap and sell groups), more and more people have opted to buy second-hand clothing for their little ones. Whether it’s for financial, ethical or environmental reasons, if you’re interested in buying pre-loved clothing for your Little One read on for our top 5 reasons why we think you should.


1. It Saves you Money

There’s one very obvious reason why people shop at flea markets, charity shops and online second-hand clothing retailers; quite simply because second-hand shopping means you can grab a bargain at a fraction of the retail price. Buying new children’s clothes can be expensive, particularly when you consider how quickly children grow! You would be shocked if you calculated price per wear on those cute jeans you purchased just a few months ago that now no longer fit your toddler. Buying pre-loved for your Little One not only allows you to pay less at the cash register but it also gets you a better price per wear as your child grows!


2. It Fights Fast Fashion

Fast fashion brands are tempting when you’ve got a little one; they’re affordable, on trend and for the most part, quite reliable. But many popular fast fashion retailers produce irresponsibly in foreign markets, potentially exploiting workers, and are generally not very environmentally friendly. By nature of being FAST, the fabrics and techniques used are not designed to last, resulting in poor quality clothing that ends up in the bin and eventually as landfill. 

On the other hand, buying new clothing from eco-friendly brands can feel expensive as usually these brands run at a much higher price point than their mass-produced fast fashion counterparts. Buying pre-loved items from these brands can be more accessible than buying new and still fights the fast fashion machine. Buying pre-loved clothing that has been carefully crafted by ethical brands using high quality materials means you end up with pieces that will survive countless trips to the park, dropped ice creams and scraped knees until your child grows out of them and they can be donated or sold on again and again.


3. Pre-Loved Kid’s Clothing is Usually in Better Condition than Expected

They say to cherish every moment with your Little One because they grow up so fast, and we know first-hand that no truer word has been spoken; children grow very, very quickly! In fact, often babies grow out of those outfits lovingly purchased for them by aunties and uncles before they’ve even had the chance to try them on. When it comes to pre-loved clothing though, this is only a good thing as it means the second-hand items are likely to have only been worn a handful of times and are therefore often in near perfect condition.


4. There’s More Variety

Ever wandered into a second-hand clothing shop and seen rows upon rows of the same brand or style? Didn’t think so. Buying pre-loved means you get to explore a whole range of different items in a choice of styles by a variety of different brands. You can’t go wrong with classic styles like adorable dungarees and smart shirts for your Little One but shopping pre-loved also allows more room to choose on-trend looks without paying above the odds.

These days, there is also more variety in where you can find pre-loved clothes for your Little One. Some people love the thrill of trawling through the racks at their local charity shop hunting for something amazing but as online shopping continues to grow in popularity, there are many places where you can grab an amazing piece of pre-loved clothing online without ever needing to leave the house. This is an especially attractive scenario when you’re caring for small children and it’s not quite so simple to just dash out to the shops! 


5. It’s Good for the Environment

The wellbeing of our planet is a huge issue right now (as it should be) and understanding the environmental impact of the decisions we make in our day to day lives is something many of us are becoming more and more aware of. Buying pre-loved is a great first step toward doing your bit for the Earth. Did you know that by extending the life of a piece of clothing by a further 9 months, it reduces water, carbon and waste footprints by up to 30%? Not only does buying pre-loved keep perfectly wearable items out of the bin and therefore out of landfill, it actively decreases the demand for further manufacturing, which is a really positive thing for the planet since the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world!


Eco Mama & Babe introduces Pre-Loved Fri-YAY!

If you're ready to make a positive change and start buying pre-loved for your little one but don't know where to start, why not have a peek at the pre-loved collection at Eco Mama & Babe. Our pre-loved range only features beautifully crafted, quality and ethical pieces in fun designs your child will adore at prices you will love! Launching this Friday 26th July, and with monthly drops of pre-loved clothes thereafter.


Eco Mama & Babe would love to hear your thoughts...


We'd love to hear from you...

Let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this page how do you feel about buying pre-loved for your Little One? If you do already buy pre-loved, what do you love about it, or what are the pain points? If you're thinking of buying pre-loved, but are unsure, what's holding you back?


Buy second-hand clothing for your child.

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