Buying Pre-Loved with Eco Mama & Babe

Buying Pre-Loved with Eco Mama & Babe

Did you know an estimated £140 million worth of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK each year, BUT 95% of discarded clothing can be re-cycled or up-cycled?

There is no denying we have a fashion waste problem. Clothes end up in landfill at really alarming rates. Many of these clothes are discarded way too early - they could have continued to be re-used and re-loved by someone else, or they could have been given a new life by being re-purposed into something new.  

This is exactly what underpins the Eco Mama & Babe store.

Re-using & re-purposing clothing has an extremely positive impact on our Earth. In fact, extending the life of clothing by a further 9 months would reduce water, carbon & waste footprints by around 20-30% each.

That’s why we refresh, repair & resell as Pre-Loved!

Eco Mama & Babe is pioneering the Baby Fashion Revolution! Our dream is to create a strong pre-loved marketplace, making it easy to purchase high-quality pre-loved clothes for your Little One.

We make it easy to buy pre-loved by…


We only work with the best brands.

Buying secondhand is made easier if you purchase a brand of clothing you know and trust to be crafted to last. This is why we don’t sell fast fashion children’s clothes such as H&M, Zara or Gap.

Our pre-loved range only features beautifully crafted, quality and ethical pieces in fun designs your child will adore at prices you will love! 

We only sell clothes made by brands that have sustainability in their heart, and who craft their clothes so they be worn & loved by many children. In fact, our aim is that each item is worn by at least 5 different children during it’s Eco Mama & Babe life!


We classify each item.

Eco Mama & Babe sells secondhand clothes for children

Buying online can be a challenge. Even more so when you are buying secondhand clothing for your baby or child. It can be difficult to judge the quality of the item, and when it arrives in the mail it is always disappointing if find a secret stain.

Eco Mama & Babe classifies each item and we price accordingly, meaning you have a greater understanding of the condition of each item you are purchasing. 

Our Pre-Loved clothing is classified under 6 categories:

New - Tags are still on and the item has never been worn.

Never Worn - Commonly known as “New without Tags”, this item has never been worn.

Hardly Worn - The item is in excellent used condition.

Gently Worn - The item is in good used condition and has been well looked after.

Needs TLC - A little bit of Tender Loving Care has been required. We will always detail in the item’s description if we have been unable to remove a mark or if there is washwear.

Needs a New Life - These items won’t be available for sale. The item has unrepairable wear and tear… so we’ll find a new life for it!


We guarantee that you’ll love what you buy.

We want you to love buying pre-loved just as much as you love buying new! Our Happiness Guarantee means you can return an item you don’t love, and we pay postage!


We save you money. 

You would be shocked if you calculated the price per wear on the colourful pull-ups you purchased new just a few months ago that now no longer fit your toddler. Buying pre-loved for your Little One not only allows you to pay less at the cash register but it also gets you a better price per wear as your child grows!

Buying secondhand at Eco Mama & Babe means you pay as little as 30% of the retail price for high quality and branded pre-loved clothes for your Little One!

Eco Mama & Babe sells secondhand clothes for babies

So why no join the Baby Fashion Revolution?

Every second week we release pre-loved stock.

Our next Pre-Loved drop is this Friday - 10th April!

Email Listers get first access on Friday, and then the drop is unlocked for everyone on Saturday. 

Join our email list (at the footer of this page) to get first look at our pre-loved stock!

Are you unsure about buying pre-loved? Check out our blog on 5 top reasons to buy pre-loved for your Little One here.


You’ll also get first look at our Pre-Loved Sale.

This Friday we will also be having a sale on some of our pre-loved clothes. 

Email Listers will get first look!



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